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Democrats realize chaos and death poll poorly

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

I’ll begin the way I always begin. The world continues to fall apart and the media continues to call it mostly peaceful and the democrats continue to encourage it or at least pretend it isn’t happening. In the words of rolly-polly-olly Jerry Nadler “that’s a myth.'' The latest peaceful murderous riots in Kenosha seems to have woken some people up. Don Lemon admitted that burning down cities and letting citizens die is bad. It’s not bad because cities are burning down and people are dying. It’s bad because it’s starting to be reflected in polling numbers. The more cities burn the more the people who are the victims of the riots will want to vote for the guy who opposes these sorts of things. This snippet was captured from the voice inside Lemon's head after the show,

“I can’t believe people will vote for Trump just to save their business or their life. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s like they don’t care about the narrative at all. That’s all I do is pour my life into upholding the narrative, and now these common Americans, the unwashed stupid masses have to start to want to live and not have their homes and businesses burned down and their lives ruined. It’s so unfair to me.”

32 American citizens have died in the peaceful riots so far. These riots are supposedly to protest the nine unarmed black men who were shot by police last year. I’m told the political right hates numbers and data but anytime they try to use them they are called racist. Hate facts don’t exist, if the numbers don’t support your cause you should dig deeper and see if there are people who could benefit from the lie. The democrats benefit from this lie in every way and that is in no way debatable. If you think it is, come debate me. A person who thinks they love data when in fact they never do research and reflexively call you a racist if you do use data told us this while retreating from the interview in tears,

“It’s not about the numbers. It’s about how these people feel. If they feel they’ve been wronged we have to listen.”

In other words, feelings don’t care about your facts. AOC has said as much many times and according to the chairman of the DNC Tom Perez, she is “the future of the Democrat party.”

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