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  • TJ Shaver

Democrats overdose on Irony

An incredible thing is happening. Amnesia seems to have instantly set in the moment that handsome lifeguard Joey B. was announced as a winner. For four years democrats screamed at everyone who didn’t agree with them that they were racist, sexist, colonialist, ageist, homophobic, transphobic, bi-phobic, islamophobic, fatphobic, they screamed hateful white nationalists, deplorable white supremacists, dangerous fascists and the big one, the favorite word of all, nazis. This came from mainstream democrats, the entire mainstream media, and mainstream people who were never political but were suddenly told that there were Nazis everywhere so they became the so-called “resistance” because they were resisting… the awfulness of Trump I guess. They wanted to keep letting the establishment in D.C. and the corporations that fund them keep running our country into the ground. They enjoy the censorship that has become a fetish for big tech, not realizing that at some point they will be censored as well. A man who has been censored into oblivion shared this message with shockingly bad spelling with us via Morse code,

“ * ** ***** ** ***** *** ************

***** ** * **** **** ** ”

That material was censored because if we mention that guy’s name we will join him in oblivion or Parler or whatever it’s called these days. The most egregious case of immediate amnesia had to be Whoopi Goldberg who claimed no one cried "unfair" when Trump won, especially Hillary, and the right needs to just suck it up, like they did. Democrats are suddenly saying questioning election security is the most ridiculous thing anyone has ever done even though there is evidence of it, and they ranted for four years about Russian interference that had zero evidence and was started based on the Steele Dossier and the F.B.I. knew it was fake from the get-go. None of them are attempting to explain any of this, are ever asked about it, nor do they even remember it, but they are committed to telling us we better not do any of these things. Don Lemon wept and managed to recite this in a performance that was honestly not very good, there’s a reason he’s an anchor not an actor,

“I just want to unite with you, all of you, we’re all Americans. Yes, you, the ones I called fascists constantly for four years, I want to unite with the racists that I’ve been bashing ceaselessly for four years. I want to unite with racists and fascists, either because I’m garbage, or I was lying about them being racist and fascist the whole time. You decide, I don’t know, I’m kind of dumb if you haven’t noticed.”

We noticed Don. We noticed. A week ago Lemon, a sour fruit, said he had to cut Trump supporters out of his life and encouraged anyone unfortunate enough to be viewing his show to do the same. The irony would be delicious if they could only taste it.

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