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  • TJ Shaver

Democrat run cities are suspiciously racist

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

We try very hard to push the narrative. We do it even when we know we are lying, because we are a part of the media machine that drives the ignorance that fuels America to destroy itself on a daily basis. We’re all in. However, we’ve noticed something we can’t unnotice. We keep trying to blame Republicans for all the racism, but we can’t find any in the cities that are burning to the ground. Minneapolis has been run by Democrats for decades. So has New York. So has Chicago. So has Baltimore. So has Los Angeles. Even we couldn’t ignore a pattern that large. We reached out but not a single Democrat in America will acknowledge this point. A lawyer for a stand in for a representative of a spokesperson for the DNC had this to say,

“Oh $#!t. You noticed that? Ummmm. Let me just check the handbook. Ummm. Party switch? Not relevant? Or true? Ok ok ok… Systemic racism? Right, right, it’s in OUR cities though. Hold on, the answer is in here somewhere… GOT IT!!! YOU are a racist! That’s it! I can’t believe I forgot! When we are cornered and called out we just accuse you of whatever we are doing. Duh. You’re so racist. Thank you for your time. I've really enjoyed this!”

The more we looked into it the more questions we had and the less people were willing to answer them. So we decided to unknow it because we are living in 1984. Our language is being gutted, our institutions are dying of terminal marxism, and everyone is irredeemably stupid. The media is full of activists with agendas that the vast majority of America does not approve of. I’ll leave you with these words,

“Brian Stelter sucks.”

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