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Dear Donald: THANK YOU

Dear Donald Trump,

From the bottom of my America loving heart, I have to tell you, I hated you at first. As a recovering alcoholic and democrat I have to be painfully honest, and I honestly thought you were the dumbest man alive. I was also completely uninformed and misinformed and ill-informed. I was ignorant. I didn’t know anything that had been happening. Then you came along and were such an ass**** I had to pay attention. I spent years railing against everything you said and did, and I kept losing every argument because I had no idea what was actually happening. You forced me to do my own research so that I could win arguments with the people who supported you. In doing so you made me realize you were right about the things you were saying and you were the first public figure willing to be politically incorrect even when it got uncomfortable and awkward and miserable for you and everyone who supported you. You were so right that you made the establishment panic. You said you wanted to end the wars and you meant it and that terrified both parties and everyone in the media because they love war and rally behind every opportunity for war every chance they can get. You said you would do things and you did them and that scared the establishment so much that they spent 3 years investigating a fake story about Russian election interference just to prevent you from doing what the American people elected you to do. You stood strong through all of that, you never stopped fighting and you were right, and the story went away because they were wrong and you were right. They impeached you for trying to investigate crimes by Joe Biden and that failed because you didn’t do anything wrong, just like you claimed the whole time. You fixed the immigration crisis that had been going on for decades by making so much noise about a wall that no one noticed the laws were being tightened and the border was finally being funded and illegal immigration was going down for the first time in decades and that meant that the women being trafficked across the border weren’t being raped by the coyotes that do that to 90% of the women they help cross, and it also meant fentanyl trafficking was drastically reduced, saving countless lives. You were the only one willing to address the fact that China had been exploiting us for decades and would continue to unless someone had the backbone to be the most hated man in the world. You brought back jobs Obama said you needed a magic wand for, and you did it without a magic wand. You brought back jobs that gave people purpose and dignity and because of this deaths of despair dropped, meaning people stopped killing themselves and overdosing as often as they were under the Obama presidency where deaths of despair had skyrocketed so much that life expectancy in America declined for the first time in probably a century. Under the Trump administration deaths of despair dropped drastically, and that alone would be enough for me to say THANK YOU.

But the best thing you did is expose the media for what they are, which is a bunch of lying jackasses repeating talking points and saying whatever they need to keep themselves comfortably in power. You made them take off the mask because you made them so desperate they had no choice. You made millions of people see through the massive house of lies that had been built over 100 years by a lying media and a progressive movement that thinks and plans in increments and centuries. You made us see what we can never un-see: Our nation and world is run by people who are stupid and weak and have no morals or character and not only don’t want what is best for the average person but actively want to deceive them and keep them at the miserable level they are at, and you made us see that these people should be laughed at and mocked and ridiculed at every turn. You made us see that an over-tanned over-stimulated businessman/tv host who governs like a stand-up comedian can run this country far better than the groomed-for-the-job Ivy League elites who we have been told know what’s best and are the only ones for the job. You fought for free speech. You fought for the right to defend our life and property. You fought for the unborn and the right to life more than any president in American history. You stood strong and fought these clowns even when the Republican party abandoned you. You stood strong and fought these clowns even when Fox News and other conservative journalists abandoned you. You stood strong and fought these clowns even when I wasn’t strong enough to defend you while you became the most hated person in the world because you were fighting for me and people like me, Americans who love America and want to keep this country free and great. You did all this and more and you may have done it because you have a massive ego and just wanted to say you were the best but I don’t care because you were the best. No matter what happens on January 6th the fight for America will not stop. The damage has been done, and while four more years was something you deserved and earned, the establishment can never recover from what you did to them and for that, the American People say: Thank You.

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