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De Blasio tattoos BLM on his forehead

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

He’s a bold man. Bold men make bold moves. So it’s only natural that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio made the boldest move imaginable today by getting a very prominent tattoo directly on his already very prominent forehead. Some have questioned if it will damage his political career but the consensus seems to be that if you DON’T get BLM tattooed on your forehead, you are probably against the movement. The Mayor had this to say over the phone,

“Of course I got a tattoo on my forehead. It was the only next step I could take, I’ve been so radical every step of the way, without ever actually helping anyone or accomplishing anything, but those aren’t my thing. I’m a signaller. I signal. And I’m world class at it. I paint the streets if you tell me to, I change the names of streets if you tell me to. I didn’t have to be told to do this though. I just did it.”

He did it indeed. The world noticed. He looks like a fool and it hasn’t helped anyone, but Twitter seems to like him. Having the Twitter mobs approve of you seems to be the only thing that really matters to politicians and journalists and entertainers these days. So as far as he knows, everyone loves it. BLM has refused to comment on it and have seemed to notice that it was a silly and pointless gesture that helps no one. The only ones that don’t seem to get how silly they look are the politicians and journalists and entertainers who keep patting each other on the back for all the good work they are doing to help the poor, poor people who can’t help themselves. A journalist who has never met a working class person had this to say,

“What the Mayor did was so, like, super important. That’s what we need to be willing to do to help people, we need to make bold statements, and really, make it about ourselves. That’s how we get the message out. We show the pitiful people how to be. Because they don’t know. They don’t know anything.”

We will report back when AOC one ups him by covering her entire face with anti capitalism graffiti.

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