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Cuomo shuts down NYC; Blames Jews

Cases of covid-19 have been spiking in New York City so the democratic officials elected to govern the city and state did what came naturally to them. They shut down everything and then they blamed the Jews. Usually it’s Bill De Blasio blaming the Jewish community for problems that he caused. This time it was the Governor, Andrew Cuomo, who singled out the Orthodox Jewish community for having the nerve to live their lives. Cuomo said this in an interview,

“Sure I encouraged protests where millions of people flooded the streets for months at a time. That has nothing to do with the spike in cases though. It’s the Jews. It’s always the Jews. They never listen to me. No matter what I say they just won’t submit. We should round them all up and put them all in one place so we can keep an eye on them…”

The anti-semitism has been growing in NYC for years or even decades now. The only hate crimes that have been on the rise in the past decade are targeted attacks against Orthodox Jews. It has been increasing the last few years especially, although no one knows because no one in the media cares and the democrats who run New York either don’t care or they like it. In my opinion they like it, that’s why De Blasio bashes them every chance he gets and targets them even when he doesn’t have a chance. Someone far enough removed to see the situation clearly summed it up like this,

“They target them too often for it to be coincidence. They ignore too many hate crimes and murders for it to be a coincidence. Every time they have the appearance of a legitimate reason they go after them openly, calling them by name, telling them to comply or they will violate their civil rights. They are either anti-semitic or extremely ignorant.”

I don’t think they are ignorant. I think they’re stupid, but I don’t think they’re ignorant.

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