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Cuomo killed 14,999 more people than Chauvin

Fentanyl killed George Floyd. Derek Chauvin didn’t help matters when he kneeled on his neck. That’s all I have to say about that. In the meantime there is a man in New York who killed 14,999 more people, at least, than Derek Chauvin. That’s a number and a number is math and math is like, basically science, and it’s also data and it can be classified as a fact. So according to the science that we follow like it is God, this science says that Andrew Cuomo is 14,999 more guilty of a murder than the guy who just got charged with murder. I’m no lawyer. I’m also not a doctor. I’m definitely not a mechanic. Or a park ranger. But I do know that Coumo needs to pay for his crimes and it needs to be 14,999 more bad than Chauvin. A spokesman for miscarriages of justice whispered this to me in a phone booth with no phone,

“How can you have an unbiased jury when this case caused the country to rip itself apart at the seams for a year? My best guess… you find idiots. You find idiots and you get them in that jury box.”

I didn’t call the jury idiots. That pervert in that phone booth did that. I could ponder how a jury could possibly be unbiased. But people don’t like people to ponder anymore. Our pondering days are over. The President of the United States, a former lifeguard, and his Vice President, a maniacal woman, even got involved in this case. Everyone did; Celebrities. Semi celebrities. Wannabe celebrities. Former celebrities. Future celebrities. My friend Allen. Dummies all over the globe got involved and spoke up and made certain that everyone knows not to ponder. Don’t think. Don’t know that fentanyl killed George Floyd. And especially, don’t bring up the fact that Andrew Cuomo is a mass murderer. Cuomo has this to say at the moment,

“I’m a pervert. And a murderer.”

What?? He said that, I swear. It’s my word against his. And he’s a mass murderer.

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