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Cuomo decides self defense is a hate crime

CNN anchor and idiot Chris Cuomo spoke to one half of the now infamous St. Louis couple who committed the heinous crime of poor trigger control and looking awkward with a firearm. The man with the gun appeared with his lawyer on the show Cuomo allegedly has on CNN. In the interview Cuomo repeatedly scolded the man for trying to defend himself. Although the man said his life was threatened Cuomo insisted that someone threatening to kill you is no reason to be concerned for your safety. Here is an excerpt of Cuomo from the show,

“Your life was threatened, sure, whatever. Unless they killed you, you have no right to defend yourself. If you defend yourself before they have even committed the act of killing you, that is a hate crime. If you defend yourself before they commit the crime, you are committing a crime against someone who hasn’t committed a crime yet, so that makes you the crime guy. I’m so smart. Not like people say. Like dumb.”

The man with the gun repeatedly tried to defend his choice to defend himself but was left defenseless by the relentless offense of Cuomo’s ignorance which is a force of nature that runs right through all it finds objectionable. In other words, Cuomo kept losing the argument but he’s a moron and didn’t realize it. Cuomo told us this in an interview,

“I made it perfectly clear, if you defend yourself before someone commits a crime against you, that is a hate crime. And I heard what you called me in the elevator, I heard the F word, you called me Fredo didn’t you? Didn’t you???”

I did call him Fredo. I’m not sure if I’m a victim of a hate crime or just an old fashioned assault but Chris Cuomo beat me nearly to death in a vacant stairwell in a dungeon under the CNN building and has been holding me captive for nearly a week. Send help.

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