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Cuomo comes out as nudist gambling addict

Andrew Cuomo, or the Ol’ Lady Killer as he is known in mass murder circles, is a creep. As the biggest mass murderer in American History it’s not surprising that the man would have some strange tendencies, unique quirks, odd sexual peccadilloes that no one with a shred of decency would want to even think about. It turns out that when Cuomo isn’t sending your grandmother to her grisly death he is an avid nudist and a degenerate gambler with such a crippling addiction that he asked one of his aides to join him in a game of strip poker. The Ol’ Lady Killer had this to say earlier today,

“I am the victim here ok? I have an addiction that is beyond my control, and I live an alternative lifestyle that you cannot judge me for. I did kill 15,000 senior citizens, but I would never hit on a woman, that is a conspiracy theory and it is dangerous”

Remember how much everyone loved Andrew Cuomo for the past year? I don’t want to say I told you so, I want to say HAAHAHAHAHA I TOLD YOU SO. People who pay attention knew that he was killing old people and lying about it and doing a horrible job, the worst in the country, by every available metric, and the media and the democrats kept applauding and awarding him and saying he was great and Trump was bad and giving him awards and basically kissing his disgusting perverted ass and now it turns out that he is everything we kept saying he was and his own team is turning on him and it is absolutely glorious. Everyone, Everywhere, has this to say,

“This guy sucks!”

Yes he does Everyone, yes he does and it is up to you to tell everyone you know that Andrew Cuomo is the biggest mass murderer ever and even worse, he sexually harasses women in the workplace.

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