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Cuomo caught high-fiving Mr. Le Pew

Andrew Cuomo is a mass murderer who hates Jews and sexually harasses women and also sexually assaults them sometimes. Anyway, Pepe Le Pew, a cartoon skunk and a very randy fella indeed, has been removed from some movie no one wants to see for reasons no one cares about because a basketball player who will never be as good as Michael Jordan is a coward who endorses the Chinese Communist Party and their concentration camps but is offended by a silly cartoon. Everything is so stupid. If we should be mad at anyone it should be China. Or Mr. Cuomo, an anti-Semitic sexual predator who also happens to be a mass murderer, not this French fella who isn’t even real and has never sexually assaulted women in real life and definitely never killed 15,000 people and is also, as far as I can tell, not an anti-Semite. What really confuses me though is why sexually harassing anyone is worse than killing them.

People said all year that if you don’t wear a mask and stay in your home and close down your business and let yourself starve to death while you wait for the absolute ass-clowns in Congress to pass a 2 trillion dollar stimulus bill that we can’t afford so you can get enough money to pay the rent if you’re lucky, (for this month, not the past 6 months you missed) they said if you didn’t do all of these things and suck it up and do what they tell you to do that you maybe, just possibly, you wouldn’t kill everyone’s Grandma, which is a preposterous supposition in the first place, but especially when you have a guy named Andrew Cuomo actively killing as many Grandmas as he could and no one would pay attention to it and then he covered it up and lied about it and no one paid attention, and finally he does get caught but it doesn’t matter because the media says he did something far worse which happens to be being a creep and a disgusting pig and basically just a piece of wet, flat, soggy trash. So yeah, that’s really stupid, but pretty much everything is stupid these days, our President is senile and is declining right in front of our eyes and everyone is pretending he’s fine and it’d be hilarious if it wasn’t so terrifying and sad, and to be honest it’s still hilarious because these people are clowns and I have Jesus in my heart and even though the world is burning 'm at peace because I know where I’m going when it ends.

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