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Cuba gets as mostly peaceful as democrat cities

Communism sucks. Everyone always wonders how communists are able to take over and ruin countries so successfully over and over and over. It’s because they promise to give you free healthcare and educate your children for free. Be wary of anyone telling you they want to make sure you are healthy and they want to educate your children and they want to do it all for free. You should be especially wary of governments who tell you they want to do that. In other words, quit voting for democrats, idiots.

Anyway, one of those countries that thought healthcare was a human right has been guaranteeing their citizens a perfect life for so long that the citizens finally snapped and took to the streets like Bill De Blasio was in charge. They got so mostly peaceful that you would think someone overdosed on fentanyl or something. This is what happens when you give the government too much control, when you tell them you want them to provide for you and take care of your children. The beauty of the American system is that the founders wanted to make it impossible for the government to become too powerful, because they knew people sucked. They sucked before the founders, they sucked during the founders, and their genius was knowing that they would suck forever, because they would always be human, and humans are broken sinful creatures who always make the same foolish mistakes no matter how hard we try to progress to perfection or utopia or hell or whatever the democrats think they are aimed towards. People still suck so bad right now that Americans are clamoring to have the same system that ruined Cuba and killed 200 million people in the last 100 years. In summary, democrats are communists, communists suck, don’t be a democrat or 100 million people will die. You’re welcome.

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