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Cop refuses to be murdered; Riots ensue

In Lancaster Pennsylvania this past weekend a man was shot by the police after he attempted to murder them with a knife. The cops did what people say all cops should do when a murderer is trying to kill them, they turned and ran away. Unfortunately for everyone involved they weren’t fast enough. When they realized they couldn’t get away they shot and killed him. The cop shot the man because he refused to let himself be murdered. Naturally, riots ensued. Even more naturally, the media encourages it and the democrats refuse to denounce it in any way. Joe Biden used the opportunity to talk about gun control. After a knife attack. Someone without dementia had this to say,

“This wasn’t one of the times to riot. Or even protest. The guy tried to kill them with a knife. They tried to run away. It was unfortunate, but if the new thing is that cops are supposed to let criminals just kill them… I’m out. I think everyone is out at that point. Right? Can’t we agree on that? No? Ok then. America is over.”

We tried to refute that last statement but it is not possible. There were people on social media saying cops know the risk when they take the job so they should be willing to die. Those are fringe idiots, I hope. However, coming after a BLM protest where they chanted “Let them die” after the assassination attempt of two Compton police officers, it becomes more disturbing. Especially considering the media and democrats are ignoring that as well. A man with his head in the sand had this to say,

“Looks good from here! Biden 2020!”

Ignorance is truly bliss.

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