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  • TJ Shaver

Convicted pedos admit evil agenda

Satire can be a lot of things, but when a bunch of pedophiles make a satirical song telling you they are going to “convert your children” I don’t care if it’s satire or not. They should be castrated. When the alphabet activists said being against gay marriage was hateful and anyone should be allowed to get married I believed them and the next time I looked up they were bullying Christians into doing whatever they wanted them to do just to prove that they could. The queens who caused all the ruckus at that bakery weren’t being discriminated against, they were outrage shopping. That was the 16th bakery they visited. It took them that long to find someone who they could claim was discriminating against them because someone finally said no to them. They were hunting someone to discriminate against, so not only would I not have made their cake, I would have kicked them in the nuts. Now the San Francisco Gay Men’s Choir is singing songs about converting your children, the joke being they want to convert them to be “tolerant and fair”. I don’t care what you want to convert them to, come anywhere near my children and I will castrate you, lots of things are worth doing time for. Even if their definition of “tolerant and fair” had anything to do with tolerance or fairness, stay the **** away from everyone’s children you disgusting deviants. This is ignoring the fact that to them tolerant and fair means California changing the law so that a 24 year old can sleep with a 14 year old boy legally. If that is tolerant and fair then I am the most intolerant and unfair person to ever live, because **** off pervs. Just a cursory google search of these deviants reveals a shocking number of them have been convicted of sex crimes involving children, and the main fella singing this little kiddy rape ditty wrote a musical celebrating a custom in India of grown men sleeping with young boys. I don’t care if gay people get offended by this, if being against raping children offends you, I desperately want to offend you, and If you see these men, take something from them, they don’t deserve to have it anymore.

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