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  • TJ Shaver

Context dies

We have another tragic loss to add to what has already been a truly horrific year. It appears that after years of the narrative shifting to accommodate every mood swing and whim and wish of the crazed mobs that run Twitter and Seattle, the concept of context passed away with a whimper today. It fought a long hard battle that stretched back to the beginning of time and ended about 45 minutes ago. Close friend and ally, The Concept of Time had this to say,

"It's terrible. Context has been with me since the beginning. Good friend. Great concept. The scary part is that context is necessary in order to understand anything. It’s no surprise that no one understands anything anymore. I’d say he’s in a better place now but I don’t know if ideas have an after life.”

We did what we always do which is try to pin the blame on one person. My personal favorite is Brian Stelter, that guy could ruin… well any example I could come up with. Instead I’ll just blame everyone. We all let it happen. Perhaps Billy Joel said it best,

“Only the good die…”

We couldn’t have said it better even if we finished the whole sentence.

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