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  • TJ Shaver

Democrats reclaim so much time it starts moving backwards

In the interrupting of William Barr by what were apparently really important people, the interrupters actually reclaimed so much of their time, that time to began to move backwards. The world stopped spinning and started spinning the other way. Jerry Nadler got fat and thin and fat again. Nancy Pelosi started to look more like a grape than the raisin she has become. The Democrats were forced to say all the contradictory things they said only months ago but then had disappeared down the memory hole. In other words, it was a disaster, much like their “hearing” with William Barr where they proved they didn’t want to hear anything he had to say. If I thought he was a liar I would have let him lie, but that wasn’t their strategy. Their strategy seemed to be panic every time he spoke. Time itself told us this over the ether,

“You can’t just go fooling around with me like that. Everything could have ended, for real. Haven’t they ever watched a time travel movie? I’m not even political and even I was screaming at them to just let the man speak. It made no sense. What they should have done is anything other than what they did, because it made them look like the spoiled little brats they are. I’ve said too much, Space is going to be so mad at me, he hates when I get political.”

The media made it seem like William Barr was rude and kept talking over people when all that really happened was he attempted to answer questions and they panicked and talked over him and reclaimed their time. Over and over and over. Then if he didn’t immediately surrender and bow before them in absolute silence they would say he was being rude and disrespectful. It was the total clown show the Democrat party has come to be and the media played along like the faithful brainless puppets they are. A faithful brainless puppet had this to say on the “news”,

“I could not believe the way Barr was interrupting people, especially the women. I mean how dare he answer the questions they asked! Why does he think he gets to say what he thinks and believes! None of it has been approved! Not one thing he said was approved by us, so what gave him the right to say any of it? It’s the worst attack on Democracy since the President decided to enforce the law.”


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