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Chelsea Handler: Openly racist old prostitute

In typical democrat fashion, white woman Chelsea Handler told a black man he isn’t black unless he’s a democrat. Rapper 50 Cent, who survived 9 gunshots to the face and even more impressive, survived a relationship with Chelsea Handler, recently tweeted that Joe Biden’s tax plan will raise his taxes to 62%. He said to vote for Trump. Handler found this so offensive that she told Jimmy Fallon 50 Cent wasn’t black, and that she would bribe him to vote for Joe Biden. She offered to bribe him with money and then she offered to have sex with him in order for him to vote for Joe Biden. I don’t know why that would be an incentive, I think she should have offered to NOT have sex with him. He’s an incredibly successful rapper and businessman and she is an openly racist aging prostitute. Change my mind. A prostitute had this to say,

“What she did is definitely prostitution. If I did that on tv I’d get arrested. She’s way too old to be doing this though, she wouldn’t last a minute out here. Way too old. Way too old.”

Experts have confirmed that Chelsea Handler is old and that an offer of sex from her is objectively gross. What’s even more gross is being so racist that you think you can tell a black person they aren’t black if they don’t do what you want them to. Joe Biden has already done this, just one of many racist things he has said in his storied career as a lifeguard etc. I’m pretty much a free speech purist but I do have some advice for white liberals, which is stop telling black people they aren’t black if they disagree with you. It’s racist. It’s racist and gross. Rapper 50 Cent shared this in a personal message,

“I don’t know what you heard about me…”

I can’t share the rest of the message because of some colorful language but he’s basically saying he is a pimp, which makes sense that he had a relationship with Chelsea Handler, who is a prostitute.

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