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Chaz is gone; the stench remains

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

The world watched as the new nation of Chaz rose to prominence, destroyed itself from the inside, and finally dissipated into the nothingness that we all knew it was. Four people were shot, at least one was killed. They accomplished nothing, they made a mess, and they left it for the city to clean up. They depended on the taxpayers for every single need they had from day one until the end. The government of the United States took care of them while they threw their temper tantrum and now they’ve tired themselves out and went home to take a nap. The shooters will be put in timeout until they understand they aren’t allowed to kill people. The Chazian people may be gone, but the smell will remain indefinitely. A Chazian had this to say,

“We always leave a mark. They will know we were here. They can smell it. We are a pungent group, we leave our calling card everywhere we go. Chaz may be gone but the stench shall remain forever.”

It is unclear if this is a biological attack or if this is the natural stench of the filthy bums who were living here. We don’t mean the homeless. We are talking about the children of college professors who grew up in the suburbs and are communists who are opposed to bathing because it’s what colonizers do or some made up insane bull$#!t. They are all white. These people are trying to take over America but they are such morons and they are so weak I think America might be ok after all. The biggest thing to worry about is the smell. An employee of the city of Seattle had this to say,

“I’m just bleaching everything. You can’t imagine the smell. I’ll wear a mask as long as I remain in Seattle. Not for the virus. For the Chaz smell. And let’s be real, there’s probably all kinds of viruses floating around in the air behind them. I just inhale bleach as often as I can. Any sort of cleaning product will scare a communist off immediately. They are disgusting people.”

Disgusting indeed. We tried to speak to more Chazians but we couldn’t get close enough to tolerate the stench.

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