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  • TJ Shaver

Celebrity tweets end racism, hate, and cancer

Well it’s about time. Racism has gone on for too long but lucky for us, we have celebrities. It is a known fact that famous people are smarter and wiser and more virtuous than the peasantry. They’ve saved us once again, this time by tweeting their shame/approval of current events. One particularly wise and virtuous famous dunce had this to say,

“Come on guys. It’s 2020. Racism is bad. Stop it.”

The world listened. Riots stopped. Protests ceased. Racism keeled over and died right there in the streets. All hatred evaporated from the hearts of even the most hardened haters. Internet trolls started apologizing to people they’d insulted from a decade past and onward, chronologically. One former hater, a man who used to spend his days starting fights on social media even though he had nothing to offer in even one instance, had this to say,

“It was the tweet. It got to me. Spoke to something deep inside of me. I had no idea it was 2020.”

That particular ex-hater may have also had a drug problem and/or some sort of mental illness. Fortunately for him, the next thing celebrities plan to fix with their tweets is addiction and mental illness. It’s about time.

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