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  • TJ Shaver

CDC says I can breathe if I wear a mask

The CDC (Center for Dictators & Communists) in their infinite knowledge and zero wisdom, recently decided that if we behave ourselves maybe they’ll let us celebrate the illusion that we are still a free country. First of all, they can @#$% right off, and B. Shut up nerds, and III. No.

That would be a no to everything about this, about the CDC saying we are allowed to do anything (when I don’t remember anyone giving them the power to make any decisions regarding what I can or can’t do), about us listening to them telling us when we can see our family (IF we get vaccinated), a No to everything they say from now on because they have proven themselves to be incompetent, dishonest, politically motivated power hungry ass clowns who really like telling people what they can and can’t do while they go on living their lives in the luxury that being a government employee provides because they are truly the only completely protected class in America when you get right down to it, and I’m saying no to that too because it’s stupid and hypocritical and un-American.

They say IF we get vaccinated we can see our family in small groups, indoors, and we still have to wear masks in public, and blah blah whatever I don’t care, nobody should care, nobody should listen. Take the masks off, this is over, this is silly, this is not healthy, it isn’t good for society to participate in mass delusions and lie to themselves and each other under the pretense of safety and caring about your neighbor’s hypothetical health but not their very real financial health after you stripped them of their right to work and own a business and make a living for themselves and forced everyone to survive off the government printing imaginary money that the future doesn’t have, which is what the democrats wanted all along, a nation of dependents counting on them to stay in power to survive because they took away all other avenues of survival. It’s already gone too far, the slippery slope has a slippery edge that we flew right off of months ago but maybe it isn’t too late to grab on to one of those stray roots hanging off the side of this hypothetical hill we are dying on. Don’t forget how they shut everyone and everything down while they rioted and looted and burned down everything the government didn’t take away and don’t let them forget that we’ve seen under the mask and it’s full of Jeffrey Epstein’s long list of democrats and democrat donors, the people making the decisions and running our lives are corrupt, evil, sexual deviants and sociopaths who are doing all the things they have to do to keep themselves in power forever. Whether they win or not let’s not forget who they are and what they’ve done and let’s do our best to not let them forget it either.

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