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  • TJ Shaver

Cancel culture cancelled for cancelling cancel culture

With the cancellations that have been sweeping through our institutions like a well-worn broom, no one is safe anymore. It turns out that cancel culture is not even safe from cancel culture. The circular firing squad fired every bullet they had today and cancel culture itself caught one right in the head. It turns out when you cancel cancel culture you get cancelled. Cancel culture had this to say for itself,

“I’m not real, so I thought I was safe. The left, the ones who invented and used me the most, denied my existence for so long I believed them. So when I tried to cancel someone the left loves, they cancelled me. How do you cancel something that isn’t real? It doesn’t matter, they do whatever the hell they want, nothing they do makes any sense.”

The cancellation that got Cancel cancelled was the attempted cancellation of left wing hero Che Guevara, a revolutionary communist who murdered homosexuals for fun. Cancel also tried to cancel Karl Marx for being a brutal racist who inspired every murderous 20th century dictator. The left doesn’t care. They love their homophobic racist leaders so much that they will defend them to the death in their quest to end racism and homophobia. These people are f!@#$%* morons. A spokesman for sanity had this to say,

“Sanity was cancelled sometime last week. It’s unfortunate because he would be the one to bring us back from all this. Context is dead, sanity is gone, reality retired a while back. We are on our own here, and it doesn’t look good.”

To every person currently participating in cancel culture or denying it exists so you don’t get cancelled, you are a weak person and it’s time to grow up.

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