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  • TJ Shaver

CA loves pedophilia so much it legalizes it

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Democrats did this. I’m just saying, it wasn’t Republicans doing it. While California is in the process of repealing civil rights laws so they can once again discriminate based on race, they are also making laws allowing grown men to prey on innocent children. If I wasn’t clear, California legalized pedophilia. CALIFORNIA LEGALIZED PEDOPHILIA. I know it’s an insane conspiracy to say Hollywood is full of pedophiles who traffic underage girls, but it shouldn’t be. Look at the movies they make and the things they do and the things they say and the things that everyone who has ever worked in the industry says. Then after you do that, look at what they just did when they LEGALIZED PEDOPHILIA. A sane person had this to say,

“This is insane.”

That is an astute observation and one that is shared by most Americans. I don’t blame the entire democrat party for this but if a Republican did it everyone would insist that every Republican come out against it in full force, and they would. I haven’t heard any democrats condemn it. I could be wrong. I’m not, but I could be. I haven’t heard any Hollywood people condemn it or the #MeToo crowd, all of which also support the democrat party. I’m not saying the whole party supports pedophiles but a lot of the people that support the party seem to and the party doesn’t care to distance itself from any of this. The longer they stay silent on this the more I will happily keep leaping to conclusions. Bill Clinton, renowned sexual predator and alleged child rapist had this to say,

“I’m moving to California.”

Disgusting as usual but also a smart move for someone who knows his own predilections.

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