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Brick maker now richest man alive

There haven’t been very many people benefiting from the current riot culture we are living in. People are struggling to keep small businesses open after being hit with unconstitutional lock downs and a steady stream of bricks. One industry that is blooming however is the brick business. Rioters nationwide are stocking up on their brick stashes and suppliers are falling behind. A brick maker who was struggling last week just became the richest man alive. He had this to say in an exclusive interview,

“I hate to see what they are being used for, especially when it smashes a face or a head. I got over it real quick when I saw my bottom line though. Not only are they throwing them but they are also burning down buildings and tearing up bricks. I’m winning in every direction at the moment. Riot on America!”

Peaceful protests across America have been exploited by AntiFa, far left activists, general criminals, street gangs, and rich white kids who are so privileged they don’t know their actions have consequences. They aren’t helping anyone when they burn down the businesses in minority communities. The only people benefiting are the people providing them with bricks. An AntiFa clown had this to say,

“We will burn this country to the ground in the name of, like, hating the patriarchy or whatever. Capitalism... Trump! It’s Trump. No… What is it? George Floyd! We’ll burn down this country because of George Floyd.”

We will continue reporting until we catch that inevitable brick to the head.

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