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Boy who cried wolf awarded Pulitzer Prize

When you are told the story of the boy who cried wolf, the boy is the one that you do not want to emulate. The boy is a cry baby and a liar and a narcissist desperate for undeserved attention. Things have changed. Now that boy gets awarded and rewarded and applauded and lauded, all for lying. Our current boy crying wolf is Adam Schiff, the pencil necked bozo from California who swore for years that he had proof that Trump was a Russian Colluder or a colluding Russian or some such nonsense. The point is he was wrong every time, he never admitted it, and he is doing it again. The original boy who cried wolf was tracked down and although he had some problematic tweets from the early 18th century, we granted him an interview anyway and he shared this,

“I’ve been the example of an annoying whiny brat for centuries now. I think this Schiff clown is going to take that away from me. I couldn’t be more grateful to Adam Schiff for being such a cartoonish ass-hat that he could replace me as the archetypal liar and attention seeking brat. I can’t believe it’s real. God bless that barely necked Adam Schiff. If possible, hold your head up high. Maybe buy a brace or something, otherwise that thing will topple right over.”

Journalists won awards including multiple Pulitzers for their coverage of the Russia collusion story. A story that turned out to be completely false. If you think it isn’t completely false, you don’t know enough about it. You should do research. The Russian misinformation came from and was paid for and fabricated by Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Read it again if you have to. If you don’t already know it you probably don’t believe it now. This tragic miscarriage of justice and humanity is so overlooked that JOURNALISTS WON PULITZERS for making up stories about a made up story. Wolf boy added this off the record after the interview,

“Don’t print this and don’t tell anyone I said it, but everything the media has been saying for years is basically made up. Even when it’s factual it’s framed falsely or taken out of context. They never, I repeat, NEVER, give an honest interpretation of events. As Michael Malice says, the news is ‘factual but not accurate,’ and he is factual and accurate in his assessment.”

The next Pulitzer is rumored to be going to George R.R. Martin for his fearless coverage of the Trump administration in his series Game of Thrones(sic)

which documents all the people Trump has murdered and molested.

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