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Bomb squad now handling Biden laptop

Everyone knows the Russians forced Hunter Biden to chronicle his debauchery on a laptop for the past decade and then spill water on it and take it to have it repaired and leave it there. Keep in mind that the Russians are to blame when you start hearing about what else is on the laptop. The latest information is so explosive that the bomb squad has been called in to handle it lest anyone get hurt or suffer political or personal consequences from the fallout. Rumors say there is not just inappropriate sexual content with underage girls, but that Hunter Biden is in some of those videos. Other rumors say Hunter’s ex-wife (who is also his brother’s widow) separated from him because he was acting sexually inappropriate to her 14 year old daughter (who is also his niece and was his step-daughter at the time). A member of the bomb squad admitted this before entering the danger zone,

“I really don’t want to go in here. I’ve never seen anything this explosive in my life. It just keeps exploding, over and over and over again. This is either the most careless or calculated thing I’ve ever seen and I have no idea which it is. Either choice seems to be scarier than the other.”

The way almost every journalist in the country is completely ignoring this story proves once and for all that journalism was brutally murdered and the activists posing as journalists have been dancing and pissing on its grave for years now. The media has ignored the story and social media has censored the story completely, which proves that they are extremely biased and going to great lengths to help Joe Biden. That is true even if the laptop isn’t real. Even if it is a fake story they didn’t give it a chance to be verified and made no attempt to verify it themselves, which is what a journalist would do. A person who is awake shared this,

“Everything on the laptop is stuff I already suspected these people were doing anyway. It doesn’t surprise me at all. I just can’t figure out if the media desperately wants to cover it up to help Joe Biden win, or so they can keep pretending that world elites and politicians and a lot of democrats really are sex-trafficking pedophiles.”

Jeffrey Epstein existed and so does Hunter Biden. Remember that when he has suicide committed on him.

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