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  • TJ Shaver

Big Donut handing out free co-morbidities

Things haven’t been stupid enough. The mandates haven’t been silly enough, the masks haven’t been excessive enough enough, the science hasn’t been wrong enough. If the government cared about saving lives they’d do the opposite of what they’ve done. They put sick people in nursing homes next to the most vulnerable population while closing down schools which is the most immune. They said stay inside even though it doesn’t spread easy outdoors and the worst thing you can do is stay inside with circulated air and not get any sunlight, which contains vitamin d, which is the immune system’s best defense against the virus. Now Big Donut has decided to help out any way they can, after all, nothing kills more people than obesity and we all know the outsized role Big Donut plays in the obese space. They make a living shilling sugar and killing the vulnerable and now they are tempting the tubbies even more by giving them free donuts if they get the vaccine even though obesity is the main co-morbidity in covid deaths right behind old age, shoutout to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the Ol’ Lady Killer himself for murdering your own personal grandmother 15,000 times. Krispy Kreme is gonna beat him. No one can kill more people than a donut company with the power to give away free donuts. No one has yet anyway, look at the data, sugar kills. When corporations and the government merge, which is what has been happening since a former lifeguard became a future ex-President, you have fascism. When you have all that, and everyone involved is stupid and incompetent, you get free donuts for a vaccine from a disease that only kills you if you are fat and we all(as far as they know) just spent the last year stuck in our homes unable to exercise and only able to order food and drink alcohol and get fat. Now come get a donut they say. Well I say no. Well, I mean I say yes to a free donut, I’m not an idiot. I also work out so I can handle a few free donuts even If I am a former heavyweight and probably will be again at least once in the future. But if you are already on the brink of obesity, and be honest, just say no. Say no to Big Donut, and everything else the government throws at you trying to kill you because they hate you because you cost them money and that’s all they see. Or maybe they just want us to have a free donut, what the hell do I know?

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