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Big Brother blown away by democrats

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Although George Orwell has been begging me to let him rest in peace, I refuse. Mainly because his predictions of socialism ruining everything it touches have finally come to America in full force. Americans are being told to stay in their homes and not see their family and if they see the neighbors seeing their family they need to tell on them and get them arrested. The thought police are on constant patrol trying to find out if you think crazy thoughts like ‘men are men’ or ‘borders aren’t genocidal’ or ‘Donald Trump is President.’ The authoritarian power grabs from democrats like Gretchen Whitmer, Bill de Blasio and Gavin Newsom have been so all-consuming that Orwell’s Big Brother has been made to look like a shy, weak little punk by comparison. Big Brother sent this fax earlier today,

“I was an authoritarian but I always disguised my control with good intentions. These democrats have dropped all pretense. They just grab power. It’s short sighted and kind of stupid but I respect the guts it takes to just not care. In New York they’ve jumped straight to attacking Jews and marginalizing them and killing them. They jump straight to the end result, it’s incredible.”

Big Brother was legendary but he’s no Bill de Blasio. That guy doesn’t even pretend to not be a psychotic commie. Cuomo hasn’t helped the situation either, he also attacks Jews every chance he gets. If you aren’t keeping score at home that means the Mayor and Governor of the biggest city in America hate both the first and second amendment, Jews, and the United States Constitution. Newsom and Whitmer are also sociopathic commies and are trying to catch up to the anti-semitism and all-consuming totalitarianism of the Jew hating New Yorkers. Newsom issued this in California’s latest lock down manifesto,

“Thanksgiving is canceled because science. Sure we have no electricity and our environmentalism is causing the city to burn down, but WE are the science believers. Sure the WHO and CDC are saying lockdowns make everything worse, but we believe the god that is SCIENCE, and that means no one does anything unless I tell them it's ok and then we have a committee meet and disapprove of whatever they want to do, so in other words, no one is allowed to do anything ever again, because science and stuff.”

I don’t think they know what science means.

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