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  • TJ Shaver

Biden wants to unite with racist Nazis

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

They were either lying then or they are lying now. It’s been half a decade of democrats hurling every name they could think of at anyone they could think of. The mainstream media, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, all the clowns of Clown World spent half a decade calling half of America racist and insinuating that they were Nazis and sometimes even calling them Nazis. There are a sickening number of household names who publicly stated that Trump is worse than or will be worse than Hitler. That is a disservice to everyone who suffered in World War II, everyone living in the past and present, Jewish people, the English language, and the people they always seem to forget, the people who voted for Trump. The people who voted for Trump don’t work on Wall Street, they aren’t millionaires, they aren’t the 1% or the upper class and the only votes Trump lost was suburban whites. They called them racist pieces of trash for half a decade, and now they are saying we need to unite. Were they lying then? Or now? If they were Nazis, why the hell would you want to unite with them? Joe Biden, a former lifeguard, managed to string a few sentences together today and the media has been drooling over it because they are barely functional drooling buffoons,

“It’s time to unite. It’s time to stop demonizing each other. It’s time to unite with the Nazis, and the racists, and the sexists, and the homophobes. Let’s get along, let’s work together. I am the President of all the Nazis in America. It’s the only way to be consistent.”

Just kidding. Democrats don’t have to cover for their lies, they just tell a new one, pretend nothing happened, then the media covers for them (even at the risk of their own credibility and dignity), and then the world forgets and moves on and democrats are the party of the nice guys who love everyone and just care super hard about people. Biden voters are pretending they weren’t sniveling whiny unbearable brats for the past four years, and it’s getting annoying. All they did was whine and whinge and lie and scream and loot and riot and kill and they never had to answer for any of it and now they pretend it doesn’t happen and half the country believes it. I have this to say,

“Why would I want to unite with people who dedicated their time, effort, and energy, for years, to a lie that they knew was a lie, that half of Americans were racist? Am I supposed to forget? Am I no longer a Nazi? How stupid do you think we are? We would love to unite, but what is there to unite with? Unite with a party who is willing to ruin our livelihoods if we say something they don’t like, publicly shame us, make lists of everyone who supported Trump so you can keep punishing us. I think I might pass up the offer to unite mainly because I don't believe the left wants to unite or compromise on anything at anytime. Also, I don’t unite with psychotic liars who try to destroy anyone who refuses to bow before them, I don’t unite with liars who call people Nazis for no reason, and I don’t unite with Stalinists making lists with my name on it, and no one should.”

The media is lucky we aren’t what they pretended we are. If we were, we’d be out in the streets looting, rioting, and killing people, the way the alt-left has been doing for the past six months with the full-throated encouragement of everyone in the media and a sickening number of high profile democrats.

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