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Biden vows to shoot black people in the legs

Joe Biden never disappoints. In these divided times he stepped up to help solve the problems in policing. He told the unfortunate soul tasked with interviewing him that instead of shooting people in the chest, just shoot them in the legs. He says it will end the problem of black men being killed by police. Here is an excerpt,

“Look Jack, I was Obama’s Vice President 8 years. He was tall you see, and if you hit him in the chest, he could keep his balance. When I wanted to take him down I had to sweep the legs, always. It was the only way to get him to stop giving me swirlies every morning.”

Many people pointed out that this isn’t an effective way to stop a criminal. Everyone trained with guns knows you have to aim for center mass. What they don’t realize is that the femoral artery is in the leg, and a shot to the leg would have you bleed out faster than any other wound. Joe Biden wants them to die a quicker and more painless death. Biden added this cryptic message in closing,

“The femareal, femearal, the femroall, the artery in the leg, it’s the biggest, they’ll bleed out instantly. No more viral videos, there won't be time.”

As we've reported many times before, Joe knows the thing.

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