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Biden tells rapists they can stay if they're quiet

While everyone is busy watching the new impeachment show, alleged President Joe Biden has been busy making America mediocre on a downward slope towards hell again. He has already restored our corrupt relationship with the Chinese Communist Party, made the cost of energy rise, brought us back to war, and weakened our borders. He undid a Trump ruling that would make it illegal for China to have spies in every American institution and also allowed them access to our power grid for some godforsaken reason. Oh yeah, he also decided rapists can’t be deported, even when they are illegal immigrants, who committed rape. A rapist had this to say,

“My name is Joe Biden and I approve this message.”

The commitment to allowing illegal immigrants to go free no matter what crimes they commit shows a dedication not just to open borders but general lawlessness as well. They are letting prisoners out of prison because of the “pandemic” and arresting small business owners for owning a small business. Most policies are nuanced and complicated and can’t really be defended or deconstructed properly in a short satirical article but if you can find a way to defend allowing illegal immigrant rapists to roam the streets free, please tell me, I desperately want even a bad explanation for the policies Joe Biden, father of Hunter Biden and grandfather to both of Hunter’s illegitimate children, is enacting. One of his grandchildren he refuses to acknowledge sent me this via a fax machine I didn’t know I owned,

“Rapists are bad grandpa.”

Yeah Grandpa. Rapists are bad.

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