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  • TJ Shaver

Biden stocks cages with 1,000's of heads to sniff

Hey, um, remember when there was non stop whinging and whining and screeching about how Trump was putting “kids in cages” because he was using the system Obama set up? And then he ended that policy that Obama started? And people kept saying if you supported Trump you wanted to put kids in cages? Do you remember that? I remember, and then I remember that Joe Biden has a worse crisis on his hands at the border and he’s putting more kids in more cages and doing all of the things that he said made Trump evil. I remember it was so bad it made AOC accuse the right of running and supporting concentration camps and even made her do a photo shoot down there in a white pantsuit where she overlooks a parking lot and pretends to be distraught and cry because she’s a vapid drama queen. I remember that and then I remember that she doesn’t really have much to say about the disaster that’s going on at the border right now, just like she didn’t have anything to say when her rhetoric about concentration camps inspired a member of AntiFa to try to bomb an ICE facility and he got himself killed because he believed the things AOC was saying about how evil the people are that AOC doesn’t like. I remember being accused of all sorts of terrible things because I didn’t want open borders and didn’t think we should encourage all the poor people in the world to make the trek, which is what the democrat party has been doing for several years now and it has led to people getting killed, people dying on the trip, and an extremely high amount of the female migrants being raped, and now it’s led to the current border crisis that is worse than it’s ever been and getting worse by the day and is exposing the Biden administration and the entire media and a lot of strangely quiet democrat voters for being the cynical, opportunistic, agenda-driven partisan hacks they are. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so tragic, all of their clownery would be funny if it wasn’t harming the people they claim to help and killing the people they claim to protect and ruining the country they claim to love. I remember when Joe Biden did all the things he said he would never do and not caring one bit who objects or who gets hurt or what the consequences are for America. I remember because it’s happening every day and if you pay attention at all you remember too.

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