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  • TJ Shaver

Biden speaks. Kind of. He did his best.

I’ll say this. I admire how tough the guy is. Or durable maybe. Joe Biden, arch nemesis of Corn Pop and short-term memory, gave his first press conference today. Allegedly. It was bad. It’s very obvious why he doesn’t speak to the press and they put him in front of green screens and pretend that he does. He’s suffering. He’s struggling. He’s declining and the decline seems to be speeding up. Or maybe they’re just feeding him fewer uppers so they can manage his decline and not-so-subtly start talking about the Biden-Harris administration and hope we don’t notice that pretty soon the Harris-Biden administration is doing what they’ve always done which is put women first and that’s why Hillary Clinton is the new Vice President because poor pool boy Biden did his best for as long as he could but alas, it’s women’s turn. And Joe will graciously bow out, because he’s almost 80 years old and he’s doing the most stressful job in the world and he doesn’t have the strength, energy, or mental capacity to do this anymore, and many people including a fella I know named me have been saying this for a year. It’s elder abuse. His wife is guilty. The DNC is guilty. His voters are guilty. His fake voters are guilty. His Trump votes that got switched to Biden votes are guilty. The people who switched the votes are guilty. Hunter Biden is guilty… of so many things that I don’t know where to begin. Now he’s in trouble for something with a gun which in my opinion is probably the only thing he shouldn’t be in trouble for. The media knew, and they knew he didn’t campaign, he didn’t do interviews, he didn’t do press conferences and neither did Kamala, he didn’t do any of these things and journalists everywhere, if they had even a shred of integrity, even a dime-bag worth of character, should have been jumping up and down and talking about an attack on the free press. Calling the news fake isn’t an attack on the free press. Not letting the free press do their job is an attack on the free press. The journalists that Joe Biden won’t talk to covered for him even though they knew he was too weak and old and slow to do the job. They covered for him even though they are “The Man”, the party in power, the exact people journalists are supposed to hold accountable. I make fun of Joe Biden because we live in a silly world and he’s a silly man, he was silly when he was young and he’s sadly silly when he’s old. I try to make light of terrible events and circumstances and humans that we find ourselves living with, but I wouldn’t force an old man to do the hardest job in the world when he’s 15 years past retirement and will clearly have to work until the day he dies. What could be so important that electability was worth making him work and travel and interact with people all around the world during a pandemic that is really only dangerous for someone in his age range? If the pandemic is as bad as they say it is then they are not only working him to death but making him risk his life every day when he should be quarantined in whatever basement he chooses to call his last. This is some shameful shit and I hope the people who put this man in power realize what they did when he dies without a day off in the middle of what you call the worst crisis in human history. Thanks guys.

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