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Biden's picks: the diversity of uniformity

Former lifeguard Joe Biden has announced that his communications team for his hypothetical presidency will be all female. This has been hailed by everyone in the media as historic, and they applaud him for fulfilling his promise of bringing diversity to his administration. Trump had more women in his administration, including the first woman to ever run a successful Presidential campaign, but that doesn’t matter, this is historic because a democrat is doing it. Calling a group of people diverse who all think the exact same thing is egregious enough, but saying a group of all females is diversity is just the opposite of the truth. It’s uniformity. Which is why it fits in perfectly with a democrat administration. They don’t allow diversity of thought, and they don’t want diversity of anything else either, they just want less men, especially white men, which is why they chose the whitest person ever(quite literally the whitest, the man is blinding to look at) to lead the party. A uniformist democrat voter was allowed to say this,

“Trump is bad and he promotes hate. Helping people is good, so socialism! The government just wants what is best for us, so just wear the damn mask! I am exasperated that you won’t just wear the damn mask! Trump is bad and he promotes hate!”

The uniformist was obviously broken and kept getting stuck on the same loop. You aren’t missing anything however, all the other things they are allowed to say are just as stupid and soul sucking as someone saying “just wear the damn mask”. Saying something is diverse doesn’t make it diverse, just like when Juno says she’s a dude it’s obviously a blatant attention grabbing propaganda spewing lie, because it is anti-factual, anti-scientific, and anti-ok. Biden, a former lifeguard, has already started falling apart, his brittle bones literally cracking under the weight of an attempted frolic with his ol’ canine companion. The life of a former lifeguard isn’t easy, but it also doesn’t seem to be diverse. Biden said this regarding his anti-historic diverse picks,

“I have hairy legs. Children rub them.”

Fact check: True.

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