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  • TJ Shaver

Biden's green screen; We're living in Hell

So….. What does one say in a situation like this? The future former first senile President just preteded to finally answer a question or maybe two from the press and do you know what these lying mother… this administration just put this ancient fella in front of a green screen and had him pretend to walk up and talk to reporters. God only knows where he actually was, I know Joe Biden didn’t know where he actually was, I’m sure he thought he was approaching and talking to reporters, I’m sure he believes whatever his handlers tell him he believes every time he has to go on camera. Are we supposed to not say anything? Should I ignore this? What the hell is happening? Why won’t the media cover any of the insanity that is happening when they know WE know now, it isn’t like it used to be, everyone can see them for what they are. So what do they do? They just keep doing what they do. Their sheep keep grazing while red pills keep smacking people in the head making them realize the grass is their own shit and their shepherd is a pervert. I don’t know if that analogy makes sense or not and I don’t care. My opponents in this fight are such clowns they are using public access technology to push the false narrative that Joe Biden is mentally and physically able to do anything at all and they are covering for him about all the things he is doing that they claimed to hate two months ago, all the evils of Trump turn into the wonders of Biden, even though Biden is just being Donald Trump without the policy success, charisma, motor skills, wherewithal, skills, talent, or that signature Trump humility that made him so darn lovable. Biden is Trump if Trump was senile and sucked at everything and had only failing policies and had to use a green screen to leave his basement, which is something that happened in the world we live in because apparently this is hell and no one told me, and they didn’t tell me because this is hell and the goal of hell isn’t a pleasant stay. I’m not saying this is literally hell, but it does feel like my own personal hell, an endless series of silly events that everyone believes or pretends to believe because the news told them that it was important to believe or at least pretend to believe and then if you point out the obvious truth that they are being silly little children playing pretend they call you a conspiracy theorist and take away your voice and you’re left watching the silliness continue day after day, unable to stop it or wake anyone up to the fact that they are throwing away their lives on silliness and fads and trends that will leave them behind as soon as something better comes along, which is always about to happen. If I didn’t have Jesus in my heart I might believe this really was hell, but I know the Truth and he knows me and this is Heaven compared to the Hell that waits for people who gamble with human lives for the sake of their own silliness.

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