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  • TJ Shaver

Biden's dog bites someone because... Trump!

Joe Biden’s dog appears to be a rabid psychopath intent on taking out as many people as possible. It’s unclear if the targets have any significance or not but one thing is certain; um… I can’t call him a bad dog that’ll upset the dog lovers and I’ll get lectured on a bunch of bull**** worse than listening to Joe Biden… I can’t blame Biden because democrat and holy and untouchable(except by Alzheimer’s, burn)... I could blame Republicans but no one cares or knows who any of them are… I got it…

Donald Trump incited Major Biden to commit violence. He left such a violent energy in the White House from all his hate and his meanness and his mean tweets and how much of a jerk he was, and you know dogs have that extra, like, sixth sense or whatever when they can tell Joe Biden is a pedo- I mean when they can tell a person is bad, so Trump was SOOOO bad that Major Biden became possessed and even when he got the proverbial boot from the White House and returned to familiar and un-haunted stomping grounds, the spirit lingered, because that’s what Donald Trump does, he leaves mean lingering spirits behind to possess dogs to attack Secret Service Agents to lead a revolution to take back the Government. Ha, and you guys thought I couldn’t make this make sense, well who looks like an idiot noww/?

If Donald Trump had a dog… you know what? Let’s just talk about when his daughter actually did have a dog, in real life. The media is full of such air-headed, hate-mongering, masturbatory buffoons that there were real articles written about how it’s a white dog because she’s a white supremacist and it’s a dog whistle(pun probably not even intended because these people are unequivocally retarded) for all the racists out there, because the democrats and the media are such silly fools that they get to play and pretend and make things up and throw around terms that are so offensive and inciting that pretending the hate and division is coming from anywhere other than the mainstream left is so silly and idiotic that I refuse to play along anymore. People should get punched in the face for throwing out accusations like that. Or sued. I guess sue them first. Or not, it’s your call. But you should definitely punch them in the face.

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