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  • TJ Shaver

Biden's Burritos & other crimes against humanity

Donald Trump caused this immigration crisis. He loved illegal immigration so much and wanted it so badly that he tore down the beautiful wall we had before he was elected, you know the one, from sea to shining sea. He told people to come here. He told them to surge the border. He said he would put a moratorium on all deportations. He gave them all hope and then he "lost" the "election" and now "Joe" Biden, the "hero" of "our story", has arrived to save the day. This Biden fella, I tell ya, he is downright promising. A talented, bright young politician with unlimited potential. Joe Biden, Hunter Biden’s father, saw a bona fide crisis that he had nothing to do with, because he didn’t build cages and put kids in them and he didn’t say anyone should come here and he didn’t say out loud in a debate that they should all “surge the border”. Nah. He didn’t do any of those things. He saw a lot of people coming in from Mexico and he decided to make burritos, because that is what racist geniuses do when it counts.

When it counts, this is what happened; the Biden administration opened the facilities that Trump shut down, the ones with the cells where human smugglers were separated from their child hostages, the ones that made everyone scream “KIDS IN CAGES” at a high pitched squeal that reached it’s zenith around 3 years ago and ended when Joe Biden got “elected”, then they banned the media from seeing anything happening in any of the facilities, which is an actual attack on the press unlike calling them fake news which is just mean true words, then they quadrupled the amount of kids in the cages that Biden made that Trump closed that Biden re-opened, then they put them in foil bags and have them stacked side by side 3 feet apart and you can’t see their faces and they look like burritos being cooked in an oven. The conditions of the facilities were sad when Trump was in office and they were still open because Biden opened them. The conditions now are heart-breaking, tragic, WORSE, and it is happening during a pandemic that Biden believes is so bad that he says unless we all get vaccinated and obey every rule we still won’t get to see our families on the 4h of July. He believes it is so bad we need to keep schools shut until the teachers union gets infinity and inner peace but he told anyone in the world to surge the border and now he is stacking them in cages, separated from their families, and committing actual crimes against humanity if the pandemic is as bad as Joe Biden says that it is. If the pandemic… is as bad… as Joe Biden says that it is… then he caused a mass surge that is certainly a super cluster of covid which will be almost entirely hurting oppressed people of color and then making them suffer and wait in cages while they wait to die. If the pandemic is as bad as Joe Biden says that it is. Even if it isn’t, he still caused them all to come here, and he is still committing all the other abuses. He is stuffing them in cells in far worse conditions than ever before, and his rhetoric and election “victory” played a huge role in the unprecedented surge of illegal immigrants at the border that include children who are being used as pawns to get across the border and women who have been raped as their price for being smuggled across the border. What was I saying? Oh yeah, this is, um, all Donald Trump's fault.

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