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Biden promises 25th amendment on day one

Nancy Pelosi recently brought up the 25th amendment and said we need a new government committee to evaluate the mental health of a President and then remove him if necessary. She said she wasn’t talking about Trump, so she is obviously planning on using it on Biden. Joe Biden, former lifeguard and shampoo enthusiast, is allegedly running for President. Today however he promised to have himself evaluated and removed from office if elected. Here is part of his ramblings,

“Look, if I’m elected, I’m not, I’m not gonna, we have to act, and I will enact, on day one, the 24th, 24, 24th, the, the, the 25th amendment. I just want to be a lifeguard. Let Kamala do it. She deserves better than stocking grocery store shelves, she’s as smart as white people!”

The people calling themselves the Biden campaign said Joe didn’t say he would enact the 25th amendment. When pressed they said we’d just have to elect him to find out. That seems to be a theme of their campaign, no one will answer a singly policy question. I didn’t know you were allowed to do that. I thought reporters kept asking if they didn’t want to answer. They used to do that. A journalist who is terrible at his job admitted this after I threatened to call him a mean name,

“Ok, fine, we don’t ask Joe Biden tough questions because he can’t answer them and even if he did answer them, his policies are so terrible no one would vote for him. If he admitted his actual plans he would alienate every faction of his base. He’s the most inept candidate ever, we can’t push him.”

Biden failed to comment further. He tried. He just failed.

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