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Biden opens joint checking account with China

The Biden ‘transition team’ is already doing things that got Michael Flynn imprisoned and Trump impeached. Lucky for them they can do it openly and the media talks about how amazing it is instead of ruining people’s lives to punish them over political grudges. They are already talking to foreign governments and making plans to return to the failed policies of the Obama administration that led to multiple new wars, the rise of ISIS, and the general decline of peace in the world. Most importantly, Biden Inc. gets to get back in bed with it’s favorite lover, the Chinese Communist Party. It has been proven repeatedly that Biden and his family have been making absurd amounts of money, illegally, from payments from the CCP for access to the Biden name, not even so much to influence his decision making as to just have him in their pocket in for whenever they do want to influence something. Now he is the alleged President. In order to save the taxpayer money Biden has admitted openly that he will be opening a joint checking account with the CCP so that Hunter doesn’t have to keep flying over there to pick up bags of cash. This is illegal, disgusting, dangerous, and definitely treason, so naturally the democrats love it and the media is drooling over how amazing it is that one man could be as brilliant as Joe Biden. One of the eunuchs on CNN recited this scripted opinion framed as objective journalism last night,

“Joe Biden has done for the American people what Donald Trump would never do. He put them first. Instead of flying Air Force One and wasting money he is just having the communists in China rob you blind efficiently and right in front of your face, and we are telling you and laughing about it because we can do whatever we want and frame it however we want and Joe Biden is always the good guy and Trump is always the bad guy. We are that lazy and we think you are that stupid.”

China wanted Joe Biden to win. The F.B.I. said they had evidence China and Iran were influencing the election in favor of Joe Biden, and they have congratulated him already. The CCP, the party that has CURRENT concentration camps where people are being enslaved and mercilessly slaughtered every day, condemned America for it’s racism and widespread police brutality. It was the most sickening thing I’ve ever seen on cable news that didn’t involve Brian Stelter’s ugly bald pate. The CCP harvests the organs of their own citizens. They make citizens kill female offspring. They have CONCENTRATION CAMPS where they are murdering Muslims for being Muslim. This is Joe Biden’s biggest ally throughout his career, and that is an objective fact that is provable, and has been proven. Unfortunately democrat voters don’t know about this because there was a media black out on this story and social media banned anyone who tried to talk about it. Even the liberal media used to criticize him for it back before Trump came along and broke their brains and they have been endorsing China and their concentration camps ever since. Someone who knows what a concentration camp is shared this,

“Why is the left ok with China? They claim to be for human rights but China is the worst abuser of human rights in the modern world and arguably in the history of the world. It’s not hypocrisy it’s willful ignorance and it’s evil. They have concentration camps. You know, like Hitler? That guy from 100 years ago they are obsessed with and always claim is around every corner in America, when China is actually doing the thing that made Hitler Hitler, and not only do they not care, they ignore it and want to go back to weakening America and our working class and enriching China. It’s sick.”

It is sick but you won’t hear about it. The media will cover for him and he will be hailed as a hero for finishing wiping out the middle class and the few remaining small businesses that haven’t been wiped out by democrat regulation, democrat riots, and democrat lock downs. The "party of the working class" is neither.

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