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  • TJ Shaver

Biden heals America's soul... NOT!!! LOL

When former lifeguard Joe Biden decided he was going to let the DNC run him for president, the first thing he did was lie. The second thing he did was tell us that he was going to heal the soul of America, which is a phrase just as meaningless as every other platitude the democrats vomit up every time they speak. America doesn’t have a soul and Joe Biden hasn’t had a soul since he sold it poolside for a leg rub from children. What that phrase seems to mean is that they are going to eliminate dissent. If you are reading this, that probably means you are one of the dissenters. If you are writing this… Oh God, I’M writing this… You know what, it’s too late to pretend I’m anything other than repulsed at every policy the Biden administration is proposing, they have already killed tens of thousands of jobs, raised the cost of energy, ended our energy independence which had helped Donald Trump be the first president to not start a new war since before prolific rapist and cigar enthusiast entered the White House. They also eliminated the concept of women’s sports so now any mediocre male athlete who wants to win can just say he identifies as a female and BOOM! Joe Biden’s magic mandate changes their gender, I’m assuming by changing their genitalia and also undoing the male puberty that gives an undeniable lifelong advantage to any male who makes it through that magical process, while also going into every DNA cell in their body and changing every Y to an X and locking the door on the way out. That is one hell of an executive order, and it took the bold, courageous, heroic vision of a senior citizen who has never done anything significant in office other than make his family incredibly wealthy in areas where they have zero expertise, zero connections, and zero chance of making it on an even playing field… OK, that is actually pretty significant, and what it signifies is that Joe Biden is completely corrupt, and he never even attempted to hide it. The administration has also decided that Biden will ban fracking even though he said he wouldn’t, but they are ok with letting Biden take the heat for it since he doesn’t know what’s happening anyway and let’s be real here, Biden will be heading to the big lifeguard stand in the sky any day now, a place where his unwanted grandchildren don’t exist and there are always children around to rub his hairy legs. They also made it illegal to deport illegal immigrants, and are attempting to make it illegal to require an ID to vote. If I didn’t know any better I would think these clowns want open borders or something, but that’s crazy talk, a conspiracy even, which will be illegal if HR-1 passes, meaning every one can call Trump a Russian spy for 3 years, which is a planned conspiracy theory that is provably false and provably planned, but even questioning the security of the 2020 election will bar you from working in government, being allowed to speak on television, and probably prevent you from working at most large companies in America and probably the school system as well. In other words, Thought crimes are about to be put on the books. If you don’t know what that means, here’s someone capable of even the slightest insight into what’s happening,

“It kinda sounds like that means America is over if the democrats get their way.”


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