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Biden gets woke; Immediately falls back asleep

After his problematic interview with that god guy, Joe Biden apparently became “woke.” He suddenly understood all of the issues that have been plaguing the African-American community. Unfortunately for Biden and the African-American community, this happened right before his nap time. His wife Dr. Jill had this to say,

“Joe had it all figured out for a couple minutes there. He finally understood the problems and the part he played in it. Unfortunately it happened at 11 in the morning and everyone knows Joe goes down for his nap at 11. After his nap he couldn’t remember the interview let alone any breakthrough he may have had. Don’t worry though! We can do it again tomorrow and the next day! Have you seen Groundhog Day? 50 First Dates? There’s an endless amount of things we can do to achieve what we need to. Biden 2020!”

Biden could not be reached for comment but his wife said he would be back up for lunch sometime after noon and we could try back then after he had his soup and jello. We will stay on the story until we find out what kind of soup he will be having and what flavor of jello he prefers.

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