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Biden endorses Kamala's plan to poison him

When Kamala Harris recently referenced the “Harris administration” most people thought it was a freudian slip. We know she wants to be President, and we also know she hates Joe Biden. She accused him of being a rapist AND a racist. Those aren’t debate arguments, those are personality traits you cannot overcome or look past once they are made. So no one was surprised when Kamala admitted she wants to murder Joe Biden after he is “elected”. What was surprising is that Joe endorsed it himself the very next day when he called it the Harris/Biden administration. A Biden spokesperson had this to say,

“We’ve been pretty clear about this. He even called himself a transitional candidate. He might make a show of having food testers and whatnot, but Kamala will poison him. She knows it, I know it, you know it. And Joe knows it. And more importantly, Joe supports it. To be fair he supports anything I tell him to, but I think he’s looking forward to it.”

The mainstream media ignored this the way they ignore every other story regarding Kamala’s authoritarian tendencies(the list is endless, they aren’t even tendencies, they are just who she is) or Biden’s blatant slide into dementia. Conservatives see it as a gaffe, I see it as the plan the way it has always been the plan. This is what they want to do and Joe Biden doesn’t care, he just likes running for office and standing in fields and waving at no one and being patted on the back for repeating the correct phrases of whatever era he is running in. Someone who remembers that Joe Biden has always been a dunce shared this with us,

“Every time he runs he gets humiliated. Even when he wasn’t senile he was a dummy. He plagiarizes, he lies, he makes stuff up, he says racist things constantly, always has. If you expect Joe Biden to fix a single problem America has, just explain how. Then explain why he hasn’t already fixed it.”

Joe Biden has been in government for 50 years and helped pass one piece of legislation, and he no longer wants credit for that because it is now unpopular. Name a good thing he’s done. I’ll wait.

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