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  • TJ Shaver

Biden defends mass murder, rape & sterilization

Joe Biden, a narcissistic nightmare of a moron, just defended the worst practices of the Chinese Communist Party, and he did it blatantly and openly and didn’t even try to hide it. He said they just had “different cultural norms.” Anti-semitic democrats just spent four years trivializing the holocaust by calling Donald Trump Hitler and his supporters Nazis, and then swung the election for a guy defending concentration camps that are happening right now, today, literal concentration camps literally worse than Hitler and the people so concerned about Nazis either pretend it isn’t happening or defend genocide in the name of racial equity. It’s more than just foolish and stupid and childish and ignorant, it’s extremely dangerous, and not the way Donald Trump was “dangerous”. This is actually dangerous. Our media and our sports organizations and all of Hollywood and every major corporation, all of which are democrat donors and voters, are 100% committed to China because their market dwarfs our market so thoroughly that we cease to exist as far as they are concerned. This is why the American citizens haven’t mattered to our politicians and what are referred to as the “elites” in decades, because China matters more and they have more money and power and say in what happens in our world, and my world, and your world, than anyone in the United States government ever could, and the way things are going, the CCP will have more say in YOUR life and YOUR world than YOU do. China is committing atrocities that make Hitler look like a swell fella and Joe Biden is busy outlawing the term “China Virus” as soon as he got into office even though that is where the virus came from. He’s been defending them his whole career and if you are willing to do any research at all, even the most liberal news sources have been talking about his corrupt relationship with the CCP and his family enriching themselves from that relationship throughout his 50 years in office. We all know Joe Biden is a creepy child loving shampoo junkie but we need to remember that he is also a filthy corrupt snake who’s been in the pocket of the CCP ever since he became a former lifeguard. In the immortal words of our future former President and former lifeguard Joe Biden,

“I have hairy legs. Children rub them. China rules!”

I guess we should have seen this coming.

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