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Biden announces cage fights with migrant children

Remember everything? You know, all the things that happened recently? I do. I remember an incessant whinge that lasted an entire presidential term, from a bunch of democrats who were mad at Trump for inheriting Barack Obama’s immigration system where children are given a place to live while we try to figure out if they arrived with their parents or sex traffickers because it turns out to be sex traffickers at such an alarming rate than anyone who opposes border security might as well advocate for child sex trafficking. Well now the cages that the Obama administration filled with children are being filled with children again because Donald Trump is no longer in office. Trump emptied the cages of said children. Biden is bringing them back. Lucky for us he has announced that he will be staging Pay-Per-View cage fights where the children will fight for citizenship. Jen Psaki, a nitwit, had this to say in defense of the plan,

“Our values are to keep everyone safe. They will wear masks and socially distance, except for when one of them gets a takedown and they have to grapple on the mat or whatever it’s called. The important thing to remember is, listen to what we say, don’t watch what we do, we say we care about helping every single immigrant and letting them in no matter what. We don’t do that though we put them in cages and make them fight to the death and blame Donald Trump because we are weak pathetic losers. I mean, I’ll circle back…”

The media and democrat politicians and democrat voters everywhere must be so stunned and shocked and outraged that they are speechless because none of them are complaining. I heard the term “kids in cages” so many times during the Trump presidency I thought it was a popular band the kids were bopping to. It seems to be fine now though, because even though Trump shut down the Obama cages, he didn’t mean it enough or something, and even though Joe Biden is throwing kids back in those cages, he doesn’t mean it or something. This is infuriating. Someone familiar with being lied to had this to say regarding everything Joe Biden says,

“That lifeguard sure does lie a lot.”

*Former lifeguard.

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