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  • TJ Shaver

Being creepy is far worse than murder

The Ol’ Lady Killer Andrew Cuomo, mass murderer and sexual deviant, says he won’t resign over the infinite amount of sexual harassment allegations being lobbed his way every half hour or so. He has apparently made most of the women in the state of New York feel uncomfortable and sexually threatened at some point in his political career. I didn’t expect him to resign over allegations before there is an investigation because I’m not a democrat so I believe in due process. I did expect him to resign over the proven allegations that he caused the deaths of 15,000 people though. Silly me, I thought murdering 15,000 people was worse than an unwanted kiss and an inappropriate sexually suggestive embrace, but it turns out that murdering 15,000 people isn’t that big of a deal, ESPECIALLY if you also have constant sexual harassment allegations leveled at you. Apparently, when one is accused of being a disgusting ugly perverted creep it’s actually extremely helpful because people will forget that you murdered 15,000 people and just focus on you making women uncomfortable, which is something that you can simply deny and apologize for and then everyone can move on. The allegations are effectively clearing him of the fact that he is a filthy sadistic sex predator AND a mass murderer who killed 15,000 people, which is what Andrew Cuomo did. It’s actually a pretty impressive move that had me fooled. I really thought the avalanche was just coming down on him because he is a grotesque lech of a man who murdered 15,000 people and I hoped maybe a democrat would get what they deserve for once, but it’s becoming clear that he doesn’t care about the allegations and by the time the investigation is done the few journalists who cared to point out that he killed 15,000 people won’t care anymore and they and their readers will forget and move on and Cuomo will once again just be a repulsive nympho/megalomaniac who gets to have his title and his power and the prestige that comes with being a democrat who gets away with it a la Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson ad infinitum.

In summary, Andrew Cuomo is a mass murderer who killed 15,000 people and is also a serial sexual abuser/deviant/freak/enthusiast, but he is a democrat so it doesn’t matter and nothing will happen and in a month or so you will be called a conspiracy theorist if you bring any of this up. Welcome to Clown World, where being creepy is FAR worse than murder, and being a democrat is a free pass to do both.

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