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Apocalypse continues so let's talk Rose Garden

As the world continues living out the book of Revelation the media continues to focus on the important issues. I don’t mean things like cities burning down and our culture being ripped apart at the seams and people actively advocating for tearing down statues of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Those things don’t matter. Those things are outliers they say. Outliers so common they become inliers and it becomes an outlier any time a city isn’t burning down. What is really important is the Rose Garden being remodeled. A little bit. Kind of. Sounds innocuous enough but according to the media in America, this is a sign of fascism and it must be stopped. An expert on fascist gardens gave us this unsolicited information,

“The Rose Garden used to be a symbol of freedom. Then Melania Trump decided to look at it. From that moment on it became a fascist garden. I’d say what Melania Trump did is worse than anything Hitler ever did. Call it hyperbole if you want but it’s no more hyperbolic than any other characterization of the President by the media in the last 4 years. We just say what we want whenever we want and we never have to answer for any of it.”

People should stop saying the President is worse than Hitler. What kind of standard is that? If he kills 5 million people you will have been tragically overstating your case. It doesn’t matter though, the media and the democrats get to be divisive and dark and it is called a message of hope for a better America. Trump will call for us to rally around the things that unite us and that America is still the best country in the world and it is called dark and divisive. We would try to point out why that’s wrong but if you don’t already know I doubt you ever will. You might even be an idiot. An idiot told us this on the internet,

“Trump always talks about how great America is and that is just fascist racist rhetoric. Joe Biden tells black people they can only succeed if he helps them. That is the kind of message the Democrats can really get behind, that white people are still on top and in control.”

That seems racist but we are told it isn’t by Democrats who approve of California repealing civil rights legislation so that it is once again legal to discriminate based on race, which is a thing that is actually happening.

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