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AOC demands Constitution be rewritten using memes



Outspoken Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez issued a bold demand today, calling for lawmakers to make the Constitution more accessible. After being asked for roughly the 1,000th time if she's ever read the Constitution, she silenced everyone with these words,

"No. I've never read the Constitution, and no one that I know has either. It's like, really old. The language is old. Even the font is old. It doesn't feel right. Why not make it a meme? Everyone can read a meme!"

Her fans rallied to her support on Twitter. Her opponents called her a lot of mean names that we don't feel comfortable printing. Everyone heard the message loud and clear though and it was turned into dozens of memes that have gone viral. Lawmakers did not say whether or not they were considering her proposal. Republican Congressman from Texas Dan Crenshaw had this to say,

"Oh, was that real? She was serious? Um... I don't... She didn't... Uh....... No. No. No we can't do that. Are you really asking me?"

We will stay on the story until we know whether or not they will begin working on this.

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