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AOC decides she's black

Outspoken Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets to say what she wants whenever she wants and no one ever seems to challenge her. It’s worked well for her so far in her career so there is no reason for her to stop now. Her latest proclamation should have been surprising but it wasn’t because it wasn’t even the craziest thing she said this week. In a recent interview she decided that because she is not white, she is black. What she lacks in logic she makes up for with her lack of knowledge. Here is an excerpt from the interview,

“I want to be a part of whatever group is being oppressed ok? When it was all about sexual orientation I said I was bi. If it’s about black lives matter, I’ll be black, because I need to feel like I matter, and I HAVE to be the center of attention. My black life matters because I need to get re-elected and like, fix all the things.”

She is trying to fix all the things. Her proposed Green New Deal would fix all the things that work in the modern world by making them not work. It would fix wealth inequality by eliminating wealth entirely, so no one would have anything. The environment would be fixed because there would be no one left alive to do any damage to anything. It would fix racial inequality by having everyone painted green so that we were all the same color. Here are her comments on the combining of the Green New Deal and Black Lives Matter,

“If we just all come together we can fix everything, we just have to completely destroy the current world and rebuild it based on what I feel is right. Black Lives Matter, but more importantly, I matter, and I’m black now. Make that part of the narrative going forward ok?”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is black now.

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