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AOC decides murderers are just "hangry"

She’s done it again folks. The bold, the beautiful, the extremely ignorant Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has diagnosed another problem. With the police departments in Democrat run cities not being allowed to do their jobs, crime rates are spiking. Spiking isn’t a strong enough word. Crime rates are skyrocketing. That’ll do because I need to move on, but it still isn’t a strong enough term. Lucky for us AOC knows what is wrong, these murderers just need a piece of bread. She says crime is going up because the economy is bad and people can’t eat, so they go shoplift someone’s head off their shoulders, or pickpocket their heart so it stops beating. She had this to say,

“People wouldn’t just like, go out and murder someone. They are murdering infants in strollers because they are like, super hangry. That means hungry and angry in case you didn’t know. We just need to give them a piece of bread and then they will stop shooting babies. The only reason someone would shoot a baby is because they are frustrated that they ran out of bread. They probably don’t even have a heel.”

Experts pointed out that wanting a piece of bread doesn’t drive a well adjusted citizen to murder a baby, but it doesn’t matter, she gets to say whatever she wants and it never matters. She is applauded and praised and promoted no matter how often she says $#!+ so insane and ignorant that you have to start a satire site just to have a platform to use to make fun of her. It isn’t easy to satirize her either, she is so extreme, so incredibly stupid that it becomes impossible to exaggerate. I had this to say,

“It’s not easy. Every day she gets stupider, and then proves it by saying something. The stupider she gets the more people love her. Every time she opens her mouth the intellect of humanity drops precipitously. If she ever gains more power we will all be retarded within a year.”

I happen to be an expert on the subject.

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