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AntiFa sues dictionary over definition of fascism

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Things got litigious today as left-wing heroes Antifa made a bold move to sue the Merriam-Webster Dictionary over their definition of the word fascism. Apparently the way they were describing it sounded way too similar to the behavior and tactics of Antifa themselves who are, by definition, Anti-Fascist.

We tried to meet with the group but they were not willing to leave their houses in the rain. Since we were in Seattle we never got to meet them even though we were there all week. They did however send me a letter via a well-trained pigeon. This is what it said,

“This is Antifa. We are to be taken seriously. We’re strong, and smart, and we throw chunks of concrete and bash senior citizens in the head with police locks if they disagree with us politically. That’s called bravery. We are suing the dictionary because people keep telling us we're the real fascists, and by the dictionary definition we can’t really argue. So until they change it, we will throw things at them and scream until we turn blue. Don’t make me hold my breath. I’ll do it.”

Merriam-Webster refused to comment. They must be fascists.

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