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AntiFa member radicalized by employment

One of the heroes of the AntiFa organization, a group of rich white kids who burn down minority neighborhoods, has been kicked out of the gang. He recently found himself employed and this was something he’d never experienced. After showing up to work and earning a paycheck he discovered that he could serve a purpose and that being productive actually felt good. When he got his first check and started complaining about all the taxes that were taken out, he officially became radicalized. The fallen hero had this to say,

“I had no idea people were paying taxes this whole time. I thought the government just had money, I didn’t know we were giving it to them. I worked hard for that money. I don’t want it to go to waste. Do you have any idea how many whoppers I had to make to buy a pack of cigarettes? It’s in the hundreds. Maybe a thousand.”

He tried to tell his fellow AntiFa members about the wonders of a job but he was immediately kicked out for hate speech. They did not want to hear anything they did not want to hear. They also doxxed him and told everyone on Reddit that he had officially joined the Nazi party. They started hunting him immediately. He has since been forced to quit his job and move away but he says he plans to find a job again.

“As soon as people stop trying to kill me I can’t wait to get back to work. I’m even starting to think maybe AntiFa are the real fascists here.”

That’s a dangerous thought to think buddy.

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