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  • TJ Shaver

Antifa got beat up & It was awesome

It’s been at least four years now. Four years of malnourished looking young people dressed in all black and wearing masks, running around lighting things on fire and assaulting anyone who disagrees with them, but only if they outnumber them at least 5 to 1. Antifa is more than an idea, it’s a group of thugs who commit crimes with the full support of the media and the democrat party. They intimidate, harass, and assault law-abiding citizens all across the country on a regular basis, and everyone pretends it isn’t happening. A member of Antifa shared this after assaulting a senior citizen,

“Punch Nazis! How could I tell she was a Nazi? She wasn’t dressed in all black and she wasn’t even protesting with us. I’ve never even met her. She had to be. I’m Anti-fascist so the moment I hit her, that means she is a fascist, and it’s your job to report that.”

The Proud Boys have fought Antifa before, and they always win. They get labelled far right, and they are called an extremist group. They are neither. They are a group of people who love America and get together and talk about it. Sometimes they come out to defend conservative speakers from Antifa. This time they held their own event, and Antifa did what they do, started a fight they couldn't win. The Proud Boys fought back and of course they kicked ass because Antifa are a bunch of weak little children playing at revolution. As long as they continue to terrorize American citizens and the cops can’t or won’t arrest them, they deserve to get beat up in the street. As many times as it takes. In the words of Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes,

“Get fired. Get in trouble. Be brave. And Never Stop fighting”


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